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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine: What the Holy Living Fuck??

Overheard in the Giant this morning:

Trailer baby in onesie, snow boots and hat: "I love you, mommy!"

Mommy in stretch pants that really had no choice: "I love you, too. You're just the cutest thing I ever pooted out my 'giner!"


  1. WHAAA ... GUHHHH ... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

  2. Class act right there... yep, yep... AND they continue to breed!

  3. I'm forced to wonder how many other things get pooted out of one's 'giner?

  4. Attention KMart Shoppers, we have a blue light special for Brain Bleach, aisle 6.

    Sounds like you ran into the cousin of the woman I was in line behind today. She had two toddlers in footie pajamas in her cart, and was arguing with the clerk about why she couldn't buy generic cigarettes with her EBT card.

  5. Thanks - I needed that laugh! The bad part is, I'm sure I've run into her or her cousin/sister/mom on a call before....

  6. "...stretch pants that really had no choice..."


  7. great googly moogly!

    I vow to insert "pooted out my 'giner" sometime in the next 24 hours. or not.

  8. Gah! Make it go away! And it's too early to start drinking heavily. Wait (checks clock)..close enough.

  9. You don't suppose she'd been reading St. Augustine of Hippo (“Inter faeces et urinam nascimur”—“Between shit and piss we are born”)?

    Nah. She's never heard of Augustine of Hippo.


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