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Saturday, October 1, 2011

That's gonna leave a mark.

(Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ and JohnnyShop.)


  1. My thoughts....

    Those who will care already know and understand these numbers. Others, those who would vote in the administration we have now, refuse to look at these numbers and refuse to consider what they mean.

  2. They will 'hand wave' it and blame Bush/Republicans/Tea Party... it won't be THEIR fault... sigh

  3. Obama bears a lot of responsibility. But congressional Republicans are not innocent. And these things are connected.

    Those numbers *have* made a mark. Enthusiasm among Dem voters is lower now than in 2010, even. The numbers are only part of the reason: it's one thing to fail but quite another not even to try. To many Dem voters, Obama is little more than a centrist Republican, which is seen as an underlying reason for the numbers being what they are.

    So, from that perspective, the constant Dem concessions to GOP policy demands that follow upon the GOP's refusal to negotiate are as much of a problem as the numbers that have resulted. Both of those things are Obama's responsibility.

  4. To be fair, a lot of it is caused by the financial meltdown due to the whole subprime mortgage rebranded as AAA securities finalcial hokus pokus wall street scammed with. And both parties are to blame for the deregulations that made that giant fraud possible(under Clinton and Bush).

    Not that Obama has really helped the situation, and that's without swallowing the bitter pill that would start fixing the national debt crisis, and that bitter pill is both necessary, and will cause even worse numbers if it's ever swallowed. The alternative is complete ruin, but a little bit further up the road.


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