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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Malaysia hates hippies, too.


  1. Love it... :-) You DO know the highest population of Muslims is in Malaysia/Indonesia, right?

  2. I didn't know democrats and liberals weren't wanted in Malaysia?

  3. It also happens in Thailand, but not officially.

    I watched a hippie get the run-around dealing with a visa renewal. I suggested to him he go down the street, pay $100 to get a top quality business suit tailored, spend the same on a hair and manicure, and try again.

    He came back as a businessman with a neatly tied ponytail. He got taken care of immediately.

    Then the supervisor took him aside, and complemented him on having the sense to ditch that hippie crap.

  4. "You will not be permitted to enter Malaysia again."

    Things could be worse.


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