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Thursday, December 29, 2011

"But what about what *I* want/need!" Meditations on convenience.

"Hey, I stopped by your office to ask you a question about my final paper, but you weren't there! T^here wasn't anyone in any of the offices, and I need to meet with three different professors and NO ONE is in their offices! Where the Hell is everyone?"

"Uh, no, I wasn't -- no one is on campus right now. It's Christmas break. The whole U is closed until the 4th of January, and even then it's skeleton crew until the 9th. Didn't you notice the empty parking lots, and the fact that all the lights are off?"

"But I have stuff I need to do on campus! I want to , and today is the best day for me to get things done. Why isn't there anyone there?"

"...because everyone is enjoying their break? No one has to be on campus until their report-back date except security, and they are probably asleep in their pen?"

"That's awful! I want to get my errands done today! Can you drop everything and come in right now? "

"No. I am on break. I don't have to be back until the 10th. I'll be in my office by 9 AM on that day."

"Well, that's ridiculous. Who though that professors ought to get a break, anyway. It's not like you need them, or anything. Your jobs are the easiest."


** edit, for clarity: we are "asked" (read: required) to give our cell phone numbers as alternate contact info "in case of student emergency." Guess how often that gets abused?


  1. Explain again, in small understandable words...

    Exactly WHY would a student have your personal number?

  2. Time for a cheap, pay as you go phone with a number you can give out, that you can "loose" when you're not on duty.

  3. I suggest a class policy (issued at the beginning of each semester) that every unnecessary, rude or insulting phone call to the professor's private number earns one or more demerits for the course.

    I'm mean that way . . .

  4. +2 for Ruth, with an alternate for Peter - each unnecessary, insulting or abusive phone call results in one letter grade. I'm betting there will still be people who make five such calls, but it will be much more satisfying to post their grades. Feel free to cackle. :)

  5. I highly recommend Google Voice as a phone number to give out.

  6. Beaker stole my thunder. Give out Google Voice number, disconnect your personal number when you're on break, and read emails of your voicemails if someone calls in an emergency.

  7. And I say again, I can only admire your putting up with that crap...

  8. My students are given my Google voice number. One caution: the voice to text transcriber doesn't speak Southern.

  9. Either Google Voice or a throw away phone, not your personal cell phone number.

    As a former supervisor used to say,

    "A lack of planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on MY part."


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