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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paranoia and Suspicion

Something is afoot.

Given that I am about to suffer a "milestone birthday event,"  I suspect that the husband and various family members are plotting. The nature of said event is of issue: Dad is a notorious prankster and several family members owe me for things I've inflicted upon them.

Let's face it: I've dished out a lot of pranky crap to those around me -- whether on their birthday or no -- and I know that payback is probably a bigger bitch than I am.

God forbid it involves clowns. *shudder*

There have been surreptitious emails and phone calls. Various people have let snippets of info drop.

I'm developing a twitch.


  1. What the heck, you only turn 29 once, right?

    I'll bet the husband is busily composing the lyrics and music to the "Pester The Wife" song...

  2. Perhaps you are projecting your own sneakiness on your sainted husband, long.... long.... LONG... suffering man he is.

  3. This is precisely why Husband Fixture and I, both soon to face the same milestone, are taking the bull by the horns and planning our own festivities.

    Accept your fate, my friend, and embrace those who would engineer such hijinks. They do so because you are loved. Oh, and please don't forget to post the results, as we really will be laughing with you. Really.

  4. Anticipation is half the fun. Can't wait for the AAR. :D

  5. Long ago, when we were courting, my Lady and I happened to be in a restaurant that made a huge fuss over birthdays. My Lady said "I'll have to get you back here for your birthday." and I said "If you ever embarrass me in that fashion, I shall get up in the middle of that damned song and walk out."

    I think that the first indication I had that my Lady WAS indeed MY Lady was that she looked thoughtful, asked "Would you really?" and when I said "Yes." said "Oh. Well I'd better not do that, then."

    And she never has.


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