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Friday, November 5, 2010

In which my faith in the goodness of people is sorely tested. Again.

There are times when I am seriously disgusted by what are ostensibly human beings.

Late last week, a local man was found dead in a downtown hotel room. As the story evolved, it was discovered that he was beaten and strangled, and the (then unknown) perp had set fire to the hotel bed in an effort to cover up the crime. A few days later. it came out that the man was father to a couple of students at OctoBoy's school.  The school and Church community reallied; meals were made and sent over, arrangements were made, condolence visits and help for the family was organized...everyone drew together to support and shelter the family in their grief.

Yesterday it was announced that an arrest had been made -- a transgendered prostitute. Now, let me be clear: there is no proof -- other than circumstantial evidence -- that this man hired him/her. No surveillance video, no testimony -- even from the hooker him/herself. Just the appearance of a possible impropriety.

Suddenly, the school community was abuzz.  To the point that Sister Meatball had to issue a very stern letter, reminding people to behave in a Christian, compassionate manner and to remember that two young children had lost a father, and that gossip was the Devil's playground.

Bad enough to lose a parent at a very young age. Bad enough that the parent was lost to murder.

But what kind of rat-fuck, small-minded, pig-ignorant, cruel-hearted fucktard tortures children with mocking comments about such a tragedy? Simpering, smirking commentary and sidelong glances...knowing eye rolls, and all the various snippy, snarky, purse-lipped "Uhm hmmmmmms..."

Some people need a good dose of sunlight in to their souls. Preferably let in with something of a large caliber.


  1. Grown-ups are sometimes injudicious with their gossip, and children are cruel. Those poor kids.

    (Oh, and the children are cruel thing? They really can be. Children are largely uneducated little monsters; it's parents' jobs to teach them to grow into humans. Which is why the whole "Let them do whatever they want" school of parenting is nothing more than a lazy, stupid, sheepbrained donkeycocked clusterfark. IMHO, and sorry for the off-topic!)

  2. No, no - it's very much ON topic. Children (largely) mimic their parents' prejudices. And repeat the snotty comments their parents make, regardless of whether they understand the words. And in a situation like this one, LOTS of snide comments will be made in the privacy of other homes, then carried gleefully to school between the big ears of little people, to be repeated over and over. Like you said - those poor kids.

  3. Good luck improving the human race by sheer force of will, although if anyone could do it, CalvinsMom would be in my top five list.

  4. Most of them are probably praying THEIR foibles don't come to light as they snark on the family... sigh...

  5. Sister Meatball is Sister Mary Holywater's cousin!

  6. The only reliable way to improve the human race is to present it with one improved member...that being yourself. (Although teaching your kids well can often do a world of good too.)

    As for "what kind of rat-fuck, small-minded, pig-ignorant, cruel-hearted fucktard tortures children with mocking comments about such a tragedy?"...well, the word for that particular variety of fucktard is "child". Regardless of how many years the fucktard in question has been sucking up the same oxygen the rest of us have to breathe.


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