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Monday, September 27, 2010

A shameful lack of pop culture knowledge displayed.

Going over SnarkGirl's vocabulary sentences last week, I came across her sample for the word "treacherous:"

(No, it's not a political sentence, though I thought of a half-dozen as I looked at her spelling list.)

"Stay close to the candles; the staircase....can be treacherous."

This, of course, made me giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl witnessing her first Kanamara Matsuri, because it's a quote from one of the best God damned movies of all fucking time. That's right --  we're talking "Young Frankenstein," bitches, and my kid loves the movie as much as my husband and I do. We've been known to lob quotes at one another randomly, and I love the fact that she can join in with abandon, and get most of the quotes right.

She giggled fiendishly as I went over her work, and when I honked out a laugh upon reaching the sentence, she did a little happy hop-and-clap, and we shared a high five. She could not wait to turn her work in, sure that her teacher would appreciate her cleverness.

Being a Mel Brooks aficionado, and frankly, being surrounded by people (in meat space and the virtual world) who have the staggeringly good taste to appreciate the movie for the genius that it is, it never even occurred to me that there would be people out there who just didn't. Fucking. Get it.

Like SnarkGirl's teacher.

She came home entirely crestfallen, and asked me how anyone could not have seen such a great movie. I admit, I am puzzled myself.

Doesn't everyone appreciate Mel by-God Brooks?


  1. Seems like a warning sign..... best look at that one teacher closely for other timely clues. The issue may be insanity, or liberalism, or worse.... no sense of humor.

  2. Mel couldn't do a fraction of what he has produced today. PC Weasels would go batshit at Blazing Saddles today. I weep for my Country.

  3. Yup - the place has reached a sorry state. Obviously the teacher is a Philistine.

    Mel rocks!

  4. Worse yet she is probably unaware of John Moses Browning.

  5. Thank $DIETY that Mel hired Richard Pryor to be one of the writers on Blazing Saddles... He wouldn't have gotten away with a fraction of the jokes otherwise...

    "That's Hedly!"

  6. " Hey, where the white women at? "


  7. "You idiots! These are not them! You've captured their STUNT DOUBLES!!"

  8. "Somebody better go back and get a shitload of dimes!"

    I uttered that very sentence to my daughter's principal last week. He responded with raucous laughter.

    By the way, Spaceballs is the most quoted film in our household.

  9. One of my sisters was in the Broadway production. She was in the ensemble and understudied several of the main parts. When one of the big guns was out with the flu, she played Frau Blucher--
    [insert horse whinny]
    --for a week.

    "He vas . . . my BOYFRIEND!"

  10. "Woops! Why -uh- I told you to wash your hands after the weekly cross-burning!"


  11. My immediate supervisor has never seen "Young Frankenstein" nor even heard of it.
    I lost all respect for her at that point. Granted, I didn't have a lot left. Any pretense died when she also said she never watches comedies because they "degrade the soul."
    I have no idea either, don't ask me.


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