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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Discovery Channel: you blow goats.

Yesterday, "Discovery Kids" became "The Hub." In their re-branding, they lost their entire "Ready, Set, Learn!" line-up -- which was Wee Ginger Beastie's favorite.

No more "Peep and the Big Wide World" or "Paz the Penguin" for her! (The loss of "Peep" was particularly painful; she had requested a Peep cake for her birthday, and Quack was her favorite.)

The drama this morning was tempestuous, indeed. Finally defeated -- "I'm sorry, baby, but Peep and Chirp aren't on anymore" -- she wrapped herself in cubboo and snorfled inconsolably for a bit.



  1. To hell with educational. We gotta make this thing hip and cool!

  2. The Discovery Networks and their continual slide into shows that are neither educational nor entertaining does indeed suggest that they spend more time listening to consultants and being too literal with the term "animal husbandry" than they do remembering what brought them this far already.

    However, I did notice (as I scrolled through our DirecTV Guide) that this new "hub" network does show Fraggle Rock- I don't know if it's the same show it was back 15 years ago, but if it is, there is indeed some balm to be found in this Gilead.

  3. I've given up on TV, I just watch the news and that's it...

  4. Watch it online!

  5. That's really, really crummy. At least she had cubboo, but it's still crummy.

    I'm only a couple of miles from the Discovery HQ building, so if you want I can leave a flaming bag of poo on their entrance plaza.

  6. Now THAT'S taking customer feedback to a whole new level. :)

  7. This is what happens when you let accountants and ad-men decide what programming is going to be.

    These dumbasses can't figure out that being like everyone else only gets you a tiny slice of a large pie that everyone else is grabbing at.

    My wife is an accountant ... and she is the queen of penny-wise and pound-foolish.

    Accountants and ad-men never get truly wealthy ... they cannot see the forest, only the tree they have their nose against.


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