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Friday, October 8, 2010

What am I doing?

I'm eating a dougnut (that I do not have to share).

I am enjoying a cup of coffee, uninterrupted.

I am watching a zombie movie. At 10 AM.


Fall fucking break, baybee!

All three kids are in school, and I have a day to myself!


  1. Wow..... that's a sweetness few will understand. Savor it while you can!

  2. What kind of donut? Readers need to know these things - especially those of us without any donuts in the house at the moment!

    (Yeah, I could go make some, but...blech. Effort.)


  3. Enjoy it while you can! Glazed and a cup of coffee works :-)

  4. Hell yeah! Now go shooting, take a long bubble bath and drink a glass of wine!


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