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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sharpen up your broadsword...

...saddle up your dragon and put on your chain-mail bikini, because Frank Frazetta -- the absolute bad-ass of a man who gave image to Conan the Barbarian and painted the fantasy worlds of thousands of fourteen-year-old boys, has passed through the veil and gone on to pillage the farthest-flung Netherworlds.

Go hither, wanderer to gaze upon lush landscapes of pale, large-breasted nekkid chicks and enormous, toothsome monsters.


  1. Somewhere I had a French poster for the Conan movie that had Frazetta's artwork. I'l have to find it.

  2. I hope he's enjoying himself, wherever he is!

    My favorite SF/Fantasy artist is Michael Whelan, I have several of his prints hanging on my walls.

  3. I recognized a number of book jackets from those thumbnails. Many were from the E. G. Burroughs paper-back publications from the '70s and '80s.

  4. Visited his Museum in Stroudsburg several years back. Didn't get to meet him but it was an awesome view anyway.

  5. Hopefully he's in his Valhalla... Outstanding artist, and I'm with Crucis, LOTS of familiar art work there...


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