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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A wee explanation

A professor was reading as student paper on social media and the peer communities that form at their fringes. As she was reading, she saw her own (presumably anonymous) blog cited/quoted, and decided that that struck TOO close to home.

So she zorched her blog, and started a new one, on a different platform and with a new e-mail attached.

(After she ran to the can and vomited copiously, with her faithful TA holding her hair back and saying, "There, there" for a bit.)

Bear with her as she moves in, rearranges and gets back up to speed -- and lets her BP drop a bit. Could I ask y'all to SUBTLY spread the word to the Wretched Crew of Faithful?

(Via e-mail, rather than large posts screaming, "She's gone over THERE! *Donald Sutherland "Body Snatchers point* I don' wanna have to zap it all AGAIN.)


  1. Damn.

    Was the citation at least in proper MLA format?

  2. Well, that explains a few things in my referrers list. Also: fucking yikes. That's a bit of a nightmare of mine.

    You humanities profs must pay your TAs awfully well; there's no way I've ever been paid enough to drunk-buddy anyone I've TAed for.

  3. Yeah, I bet that was exciting. Rather like the feeling one gets when the big-ass rollercoaster goes over the hill and the bottom drops out, isn't it?

  4. If you listened closely, you would have heard a loud *click* a moment ago.


  5. Errr, wait, won't this... Uh, well, glad to have found you again.

  6. Whew! Glad a few of your/my friends pointed me in this direction.

    Sorry to hear about the panic-inducing paper and ensuing Chinese fire drill of establishing a new online identity. It ranks right up there with having your wallet snatched and trying to reclaim your stolen identity, no?

    (And I hope when you puked it was at least an interesting color or texture or left a lovely Rorscharch pattern.)

  7. Yowzers! While I'm happy to have found your blog again, I had hoped your re-homing was due to much less terrifying reasons.

  8. WOW. I was beginning to wonder, letmetellyou. I couldn't figure out what went wrong, and I never heard!

    I happened to find you via the good ole' Sitemeter. Glad to know where you're at!


  9. I was worried you didn't want me to play your reindeer games any more. :)

    Will update me blogroll soon.


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