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Friday, August 27, 2010

Christmas in August.

For the first week of Fall '10, my campus gave to me:

One scowling RA.
Two sobbing mothers..
Three jammed parking lots.
Four cases of alcohol poisoning.
Five ambo runs!.
Six thongs found on or around the quad.
Seven jocks a'hazing.
Eight passed-out sorority sisters.
Nine pissed-off maintenance dudes.
Ten confiscated handles of vodka.
Eleven referrals to alcohol counseling.
Twelve puking frosh.

Ah, college! Where the flower of higher education blooms eternal!


  1. Totally spewed my morning cuppa.

  2. Meant ta ask ya how that new semester thing was going for ya? ;)

  3. I am teaching (TA) for the first time this semester... for the most popular course at my new university: Drugs and the Brain. I bet the stories will be good...

  4. Now THAT is funny... The fact that it's true is irrelevant :-)

  5. ???

    I thought it was "Seven sluts a'screwing", not "jocks a'hazing".


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