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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Limbo.

We've reached that awkward stage of summer. Several of of their friends have started back to school this week; the public schools start back next week. SnarkGirl and OctoBoy start back on the 8th and 9th of September, respectively. As for their friends -- those who have not started back are on last-minute vacations and trips -- or frantically completing summer camps, summer reading assignments or projects, thus play dates are few and far between. Everyone is trying to squeeze the last few precious moments of fun out of a rapidly dwindling summer.

As for our house, school supplies have been bought, uniforms have been tried on and we are sloooowly readjusting bedtimes and wake-up times to make the back-to-school transition a wee bit smoother.

Plus, the kids are bored as all fuck, and as a result have resorted to endless squabbling and whining. Pinching, thwacking, pranks and invasions of personal space -- along with other annoyances ranging from minor irritations to apocalyptic pranks --  are being perpetrated hither and yon.

For me, the semester starts next week. Ugh.

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  1. Our local grade school started last week. Grandkids school starts this Thursday, the 19th. Wife's college starts the 3rd week of September but she has a faculty meeting tonight.

    Why, why, start school in August and get out in early May? Start in September when there will be fewer (hopefully) hot days and keep in school until Memorial Day. Summer was more balanced then.


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