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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Epic weekend.

So epic, it deserves two posts. I'll hit on Saturday first!

Saturday afternoon, OctoBoy, Snark Girl and I loaded up the Imperial Battle Cruiser with bathing suits and extra clothes and headed out to Casa de Gregarious Loner for an afternoon of tubing on the creek, eating tasty food, drinking beer and generally being sociable.

I brought along two Key Lime pies, and I have to tell you -- I felt my contributions were inadequate, as the Loner grills up a mean repast. Holy cow, the amount and variety of food was immense, and if he does not cough up the secret ingredient to his pasta salad, I may have to break in and steal it.

OctoBoy fell in love with the environs immediately -- between a huge stand of bamboo (fit for lurking in, hitting things with and creating weapons with) a creek with freshwater clams, slimy stuff galore and a good, sturdy current, OctoBoy was all for ditching his suit, donning a loincloth of leaves and going "Lord of the Flies" immediately. GL capped this off by taking him out into the bamboo, unsheathing a machete ("it means 'sharp knife little boys are not allowed to use' ") and procuring him a large spear to take home. (Bitey is doomed.)

SnarkGirl was more enamored of the cows which observed from the high bank of the creek (though they shocked her at first), and the tiger face paint and balloon animal that the Princess proffered. Plus, there was jewelry to gawk at. SnarkGirl loves her some silver-wrapped jewelry.

Their house was beautiful and obviously well-loved. It was nice to put faces to the names I'd been e-mailing, blogging and  facebooking with for nigh on two years. It was also nice to relax in the company of friends.

All in all, a fabulous time was had by all, and I certainly hope to do it again!

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  1. I agree..... good company and good times. Your clan is welcome anytime, and I'm sure we can scare up scads of critters for the young Master to hunt to his hearts content.


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