Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Character-building exercises."

So, I taught my summer session Saturday section (oooh, alliteration!) this morning, and came home to find  my husband driving my children like slaves. There were sticks to be gathered from the yard, preparatory to mowing. There were gutters to be swamped, There were weeds to be pulled in flower beds and from between slate patio chunks. All the various detritus had to be trucked over to the compost heap. Laundry had to be hung out and taken in and folded. The patio tables and chairs needed to be washed down.

I enthusiastically joined in,  of course (both in the chores and the slave-driving.)

After three hours of this, OctoBoy was heard to exclaim that his "character pocket was full, and if he didn't get a rest, it was going to 'splode!"

The result is a yard that looks pretty darn good tonight. The table was re-assembled. The Weber was fired up and Bubba burgers soon followed, along wirth lots  and lots of sangria.

Life is good tonight!


  1. Bout time y'all got around to mowing... :-) Glad you had some 'stress' relief this afternoon!


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