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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One convenient package (so to speak)!

Let's face it: people either have their hands on ther phones or in inappropriate places, all day long. Why not combine the world's two favorite things to fondle?

Besides, if you have an iPhone (like JayG and Dino), you probably need to show the world that you have Serious Balls.

Phone balls!

A chunk of the proceeds go to help fund testicular cancer research! You're balls-out in public, for a good cause!

This discovery certainly makes my Christmas and Hannukah shopping so much easier...


  1. These would go great with a set of trucknutz!

  2. That reminds me of a cartoon I saw years back.

    Dilbert is at the shrink's office. Says he can feel his pager vibrating on his hip even when he's not wearing it.

    Shrink says it's "phantom pager syndrome". Happens to engineers all the time, but fear not, there's a cure.

    Dilbert: "I don't want to cure it. I want to relocate it."

  3. If you purchase a set of those for your iPhone, are you required to have a certain AC/DC song set as your ringtone?


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