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Friday, June 18, 2010

A good start to the day.

Back in December, SnarkGirl's best friend Elsie had surgery for scoliosis and Arnold-Chiari Malformation (Type II). It was a rough time for all involved; Elsie spent several weeks in CHoP, her family was a wreck, and SnarkGirl shuttled back and forth for several distressing visits.

(There's nothing like a walk through the ICU of a children's hospital to make you appreciate your own children's good health.)

When Elsie was discharged, she was in a back brace, with orders to only remove it to bathe. This was rough on her, as she could not run, jump or play as she was accustomed to, and she looked a bit awkward. While her classmates were generally good about it (with a few notable exceptions), it made an already bad situation that much harder.

The phone rang at 8 this morning -- it was Elsie, calling from CHoP on her mom's cellphone. I could hear the shriek from the living room, and I was at the breakfast table:

"The doctor said I can take my brace off for up to 18 whole hours a day!"

Needless to say, the atmosphere is celebratory.


  1. Happy kids...proof that God love us and wants us to be happy, too.

  2. Yay, Elsie! Good for her!

    And heavens (and EB Misfit for a subtle link) be praised, you're still here. I was horrified when you vanished, and I can't get down to the "T's" in most of your reciprocal blogroll friends, because I get sidetracked in hysterical laughter by the time I hit the "M's" or "N's", and realize I've (once again) spent half the damn day on the bloody 'puter. So I might never have found this blog on my own. Glad you're still alive and snarking. And hope you don't mind if I resume reading.

  3. Thank God that kid's healing.

    And thank you for the heart-warmer:)


  4. What wonderful news! Hopefully, it won't be long before Elsie is out of the brace for good. And kudos to SnarkGirl for being such a great friend.


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