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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your daily depression...

I went to graduate school in Florida, and spent a glorious year (pre-marriage and actual responsibility) living on the beach in Pensacola. The shack I rented probably should have been condemned -- it was a shit hole par excellence -- but it was worth it to be able to wake up, cross a street and be on a white-as-sugar sand beach with turquoise clear, bath-warm water. Skin cancer be damned; I lived on that beach for a year, sun up to sun down and loved every minute of it.

The damage being done to those beaches right now breaks my fucking heart, to the point I can't even speak of it.


  1. Having spent one glorious year living in Florida and enjoying the same beaches, I hear ya, sistah. It breaks the heart into a million pieces.

  2. For six months, circa 1969, my wife and I lived three blocks from the beach in Biloxi, MS. Unfortunately, the city piped their sewage out into the gulf about a mile offshore. No one in their right mind swam in the surf.

  3. Absolutely dusgusting. And BP's safety record over the years is appalling.


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