Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vice President Antoinette tells us what he really thinks of us proles.

Not to belabor an already tired meme, but...if this had been the Bush/Cheney admin, people on the Left would have been screaming for the guillotine right about now.

The worst part is: Biden calls the guys a "smart ass" in the man's own store, while Sheriff Joe's vacuous face is smeared with the free ice cream the man gave him.

I feel bad for the shop owner. I'll just bet the media and the screaming hordes will be lining up to give him the same treatment that they graced "Joe the Plumber" with when he dared ask pointed tax-related questions of Dear Leader's Administration. I'll just bet the IRS will be happy to audit his books for him, as well.


  1. Joe Bite Me was just trying to be a 'common man', which should be easy for him. NOBODY is as common as Joe.

  2. Now you see here the shopkeeper made a mistake....anytime one of these wacko's has their wallet open you should just take the money for fear that the next thing they'll open is their mouth!


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