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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A rough night.

I was exhausted last night, and collapsed in to bed with every intent of crashing hard, and snoring so loud that my surname should have been Stihl. This was not meant to be, because all three of the kids had a seriously weird night.

Last night, OctoBoy went sleepwalking and ended up sleeping on the stairs. I carried him back to bed and tucked him in at least twice. Ordinarily, he is the type to crash hard, and not even roll over during the night. Last night he was treading water in heavy seas.

Wee ginger beastie has been seeing "GHOSTS!" in her room, and having long conversations with them. I mean, sit up in bed, gesturing and "give-and-take" dialogue. (This pegs my weird-shit-o-meter, especially as the Husband is out of town.)

Finally, at 2:45 this morning, SnarkGirl wanders in and wakes me up to tell me she is dressed and ready for breakfast. (She was, too.)

What the Hell? Is the moon in some odd phase, tweaking their little brains?


  1. "Is the moon in some odd phase...?"

    Apparently, it's almost full. That may explain quite a bit.

  2. IIRC, your family is Catholic, yes? Have you considered having your priest bless the house?

    (No, no, not saying it's demons or some such, but it couldn't possibly hurt to have the house blessed, and it might cut back on the ghostly visitations a bit...who knows? Bonus points if the priest manages to get Captain Biteypants with a slosh of holy water, say I.)

  3. I remember a time a couple of decades ago when I woke up on Sunday morning absolutely convinced it was Tuesday and I was late for work.

    Wife thought it was funny. I didn't.

  4. Good luck. I'm a single parent for the night, and while Son hasn't woken me up in the middle of the night for a while, you've got me worried that it will happen tonight.

  5. Aw, dammit . . . I saw the post headline and hoped that you'd been awoken by a snarling dog and a yelping perv.

    And then spent hours busy with a shovel . . .

  6. The boy sleepwalking didn't phase me. Little'un having dialogue w/ Casper? Strange enough.

    Senorita Snarky being fully dressed and ready for breakfast @ 0230?

    Welcome to WTF. Population: you.


  7. Short-time reader (love your writing style) and don't know how young Ginger is, but...I believe that young, innocent children can see the departed. My grandson had two-way conversations with his other grandfather who died in a car wreck for several months afterward. He was ~4 years old at the time. Does she know who it is she is talking to?

  8. H.Sapiens Lupinus seem to "see spirits" much more easily than H.S.Sapiens. Not really too much to worry about: they'll usually outgrow it...

  9. Some of the craziest things happened in our old house with kids having conversations with "imaginary" friends.
    Three year old daughter was having full conversation with "herself" when wife happened upon her.
    "Who are you talking to?"
    "Where is Annie, dear?"
    [pointing her finger to the wall about three feet away from my wife] "She's standing right there looking at you, mom."
    All the freakiness went away after we moved. Why we had to move ... can you say "Poltergeist 6"?
    At least I know my wife and I aren't nuts - it happens to other people, too.


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