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Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Gregarious Loner tagged me with a "List Ten Things You're Grateful For" meme. Here goes:
  1. A husband that I adore, and who truly is my soulmate.
  2. Three wonderful, healthy children.
  3. A job that I truly love -- even the parts that I bitch about.
  4. My own good health.
  5. A home to call my own.
  6. A full tummy for me and mine, every night.
  7. A fabulous extended family -- even when they drive me fracking nuts, they are always there.
  8. Good friends to share the great stuff and the not-so-great-stuff with.
  9. Wild and weird pets, without whom the world would be boring.
  10. A country that allows me to speak my mind, vote for the person I wish and worship as I see fit.
Do your own list, and link back!

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