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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perusing in the potty

Lissa tagged me with a bathroom meme -- what reading material do you have in your loo?

Well, here's my (admittedly eclectic) list:

"Uncle John's Bathroom Reader"
"Without Remorse," Tom Clancy
"The Dead," Mark Rogers (zombie novel with a Catholic twist...)
"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" (I think that's Snark Girl's)
A Junie B. Jones book (belonging to OctoBoy)

So, tell me -- what do YOU read on the hopper? If you've looked at this, consider yourself tagged. Put up your own post (and link it in the comments), or answer in the comments.


  1. I just removed Without Remorse from my reading room. :) I really enjoyed my first Clancy book.

  2. I just usually take whatever book I happen to be reading at the time. So right now, I'd be taking the collected writings of G.K. Chesterton, Volume I - Heretics and Orthodoxy.

    And yes, I will read the Bible on the loo from time to time. Denis Leary would appreciate that.

  3. There is an actual bookshelf in mine. Currently I have;
    Rescue Warriors: The US Coast Guard, America's Forgotten Heroes, David Helvarg
    Weapons: An International Encyclopedia
    Kaplan Civil Service Exams Testbook
    Harbor Freight catalog
    All for the King's Shilling, Edward Coss
    1001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History, John Garraty
    The Power of Myth, Joesph Campbell
    Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Daily Calender
    Thoughts from the Commode
    Issues of Naval History, Proceedings, Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines.

    My wife gets on my about my books in the can all the time.

  4. Ummm, care to guess where I'm sitting, right now, as I read this post?

  5. Whatever book I happen to be reading at that particular time is what goes into the throne room with me. If I'm in between books, I've a couple of memberships that come with magazines.

  6. Ooo, Without Remorse is my favorite Clancy. It's also one of the reasons I became friendly with my husband: I'd been waiting for the paperback of Executive Orders, but promptly borrowed his hardcover. Yay books!

  7. Let me see.

    Schott's Miscellany of Food and Drink
    The IgNoble Prizes
    The Devil's Dictionary (Ambrose Bierce)

  8. I usually have one of the books I am currently reading (I'm a trifle ADD) plus "A Mencken Chrestomathy" for when I'm feeling more cynical than usual. Just finished "Shadowline" by Glen Cook (one of my favorites, and a most versatile writer), now reading "Act of Will" by A.J. Hartley, and re-reading "The Weapon Shops of Isher" by A.E. vanVogt. Often the latest gun magazine is in there as well. "Oh, look! There's a squirrel!"

  9. Truthfully? I don't keep any reading material in the throne room. That's not to say the odd book (or my e-reader) doesn't accompany me when I occupy the throne.

    Currently, I'm reading three different books: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Gerald's Game by Stephen King, and The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu.

  10. Since I'm packing to move, the only reading material is a Garand Collector's Quarterly... sigh...

  11. Bathroom reading has to meet certain criteria, the main one being that the book should have many short sections rather than fewer long chapters. Currently, I'm rotating between a Harlan Ellison omnibus, a PG Wodehouse anthology, and "Trainspotting" by Irvine Welsh.

  12. I have nothing to read in my bathroom. If I feel that I'll be in there for a while, whether due to a visit to the throne or brushing my teeth, I take a book with me. Right now I'm re-reading "The Number of the Beast" by Heinlein and also studying my Developmental Psychology textbook for school.

  13. Family legend has it that my grandmother, trying to encourage my dad as a wee lad (and, previously, his two older brothers) in their potty training, would send them to the loo with a book and instructions not to emerge until nature (and gravity) took its course. The daughters-in-law (my mom and aunts), according to my mom, got together early on, compared notes, and made a pact never to encourage this behavior in their offspring, since the length of time spent in the potty was a source of common annoyance for all of them. To my knowledge (although I confess I've never specifically discussed it with my cousins), that pact was upheld through the following generation, and to this day, I don't read in the loo. My brothers and I were taught to get in and get out, in case someone else needed to go. Pity me if you will...I'd rather read on my couch than on the hopper. :)


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